Trauma 101 for Professionals Working with Distressed Clients

Presentation Length: 90-Minute to 6-Hour Workshop Formats Available

Please contact us if you are interested in this workshop designed for professionals in a range of fields who come in contact with distressed or traumatized individuals. The workshop provides an overview of how trauma impacts brain functioning, social interactions, emotional regulation, concentration, and decision-making. Practical suggestions are offered for attorneys, physicians, educators, social service providers or allied health professionals on how to recognize and manage signs of traumatic response so they might assist clients in making the best use of the services being offered. The workshop also provides strategies for professionals to manage their own stress resulting from frequent exposure to trauma.

Please contact us to inquire about scheduling and pricing for this presentation.  We are happy to design a curriculum to meet the specific needs of your profession or organization. 

Photo above by Kayla Steinberg