Welcome to the Partners in Healing website.  We are a group of three psychotherapists, each with our own individual private practices. Together, we join forces to design and implement cutting-edge training for other psychotherapists. All our educational offerings integrate traditional therapeutic modalities with the field of interpersonal neurobiology. Our trauma-informed perspective greatly enhances clinicians’ ability to provide deep and effective psychotherapy, whether working with trauma survivors or with a more general population. Please browse through our website to learn more about us and our offerings. 

The Resonant Therapist

Our 8-month seminar covers the principles of psychotherapy that we believe make for the most effective healing environment.


For therapists desiring a more customized way of learning, each affiliate of Partners in Healing offers individual and small group case consultation.

Spring Workshop

Each spring, we invite a master clinician to present on innovative material that offers immediate take-aways for any therapist's caseload. In spring, 2018, we welcomed Sharon Gold-Steinberg, Ph.D., co-founder of Partners in Healing, to offer our spring workshop!