Book Study / Consultation Groups

Come deepen into the wisdom of healers who in various languages speak of transformation evolving from and through a space of Love that supports healing without fixing or “efforting.” We read portions of books by Janina Fisher, PhD, Tom Holmes, PhD, Lisa Ferentz, LMSW, Richard Schwartz, PhD, Tara Brach, PhD, Ron Kurtz, PhD, Daniel Siegel, MD, and others – and meet biweekly to discuss, explore, and experience practical applications of their wisdom as they apply to clinical work and personal growth.

These groups do not involve stressful reading or case presentation demands, but rather a supportive, inspiring, and practical exploration of experiential frameworks for informing the courageous and outrageous act of a clinical practice rooted in Love.

Carrie Hatcher-Kay, PhD welcomes colleagues at all stages of professional development interested in delving into clinical work through the lens of these healing wisdoms as refined through neuroscience, spiritual wisdom traditions, and clinical practice.

We have three groups ongoing now and are forming one to two additional groups – times TBD. Space is limited for each group so please contact Carrie at 734-730-3952 or to inquire or express interest. Price is $75 for 75-minute groups with 4 colleagues.